Alex Pettigrew of Pettigrew Woodworks in North Garden crafts a large variety of accessories for office and home from local hardwoods.

He delights in bringing beauty to everyday functional pieces such as wine racks, clocks, cutlery, jewelry boxes, ink pens, bowls, cutting and serving boards and more. Pieces use a carefully selected combination of contrasting woods from the wonderful pallet of color and texture available from the Appalachian hardwood forests. No stains are used in Alex’s creations. Items are finished using natural oils and waxes. The goal is to let the wood feel like wood while offering protection consistent with use. Left-overs from larger pieces are used to create smaller objects in an effort to let as little as possible go to waste.

For this years Tour, Alex will also be offering a variety of purely decorative pieces.

Studio number 18

phone: (434) 979-0018


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