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“Recognizing how we constantly witness conflicting elements in a shared moment, such as the ability for life to emerge in a concrete wasteland, and for laughter to accompany tears, I create pieces that give insight into this duality that exists in life and among the objects and environment that surround us. With a fascination in finding balance between two opposing elements, I explore pairs, opposites, and partnerships with the union of textures, colors and materials.  Metals embedded with softened surface textures, and matching the hard with the soft or the industrial with the organic, I speak to the world, through my hands and metal, poetically sewing the fabric of a story together in all of these layers. For some of my work, it may be a subtle conversation, one requiring an intimate view of the piece, whereas other items carry a deeper, more elaborate story; but each composition plays a part in my observation of, and conversation with, the world around me. With this same care and attention to detail, I also work closely with clients, designing and creating engagement rings, wedding bands, memorial objects, and more.”

Studio number 17


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