Tanya Tyree creates hand-built clay sculptures and jewelry, which are raku-fired. Raku is different from other firings because the glazed pieces are fired in a small gas kiln, removed while red-hot, burned and reduced in combustible materials, and quickly plunged in cold water. This violent process mysteriously alters the glazes by flashing unpredictable hues and tones and blackens the unglazed clay body, making each work unique in form, design and surface. Breaking free from traditional ideas her clay works have developed a spontaneous and fresh new life. Tanya received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Virginia Commonwealth University and taught art for 6 years. She has been a full-time artist since 2000 and creates her clay art in Richmond, VA, then raku-fires them in Afton, VA. Her clay works are an evolution in process with each form being a unique continuum of her artistic destination.

Studio number 13

email: tanya@tanyatyree.com


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