“My wheel-thrown stoneware vessels reflect both my awe at the diversity of natural forms and my respect for the deep history of using clay for function and self-expression.  I am moved by the irrepressible human urge to decorate and embellish functional objects.  Clay is my medium of choice for its earthy simplicity at the raw stage, and its ability to transform into a highly refined, useful object through the use of fire. 

“I see my botanical work sometimes in the eyes of future archeologists, valuable for shedding light on 21st century studio ceramics, but also for preserving a non-electronic record of biological diversity at this moment in geological time.

“I combine glazed impressions of real plant specimens with heavily textured raw clay surfaces and vining clay handles and knobs that mimic wrought iron.  I fire my work to cone 7 oxidation using a variety of celadon glazes.”

Studio number 4

phone: 434-973-7943

email: sue@suzannecrane.com


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