Susan Haas - HAAS wave runner.jpg

“I’ve always been fascinated by the essential idea of glass, the change from liquid to solid. And the freedom of the artist, in the middle of that flow, to work her influence on the final form, to pull an abstract vision into something of tangible beauty, is fabulous. Since I also love being on the water — ocean, river, lake, mud puddle — it amuses me to create pieces that hark back that liquid: stable, but still full of motion. And so my work is alive with bubbles and waves, sea foam and movement. And recently, my repertoire — and palette — have expanded to include the changeable sky of sunset above the water.

I hope everyone derives joy from seeing and touching (yes!) my work. The tactile aspect of my pieces is almost as important as the visual. It's meant to be beautiful. But it's also meant to be fun.”

Studio number 17

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