“My work is personally handmade contemporary slipware with original liquid clay designs. For the past 23 years I have worked alone and created all aspects of my pots.

“My life in clay began with witnessing a potter demonstrate when I was age 10. I knew then I wanted to make pots. My apprenticeship in the Berea College (KY) pottery program trained me to be proficient in the entire process from the making of clay and glazes, forming the pots, decorating and glazing to the firing of the work.

“The inspirations for my forms are traditional Japanese and English functional pots. My work then is conceived from a historical perspective and interpreted with humor and distinctiveness. The surface decorations and lively additions of clay legs and ‘extensions’ are inspired by studies in nature, archaeology, rhythm, and dance.”

Studio number 8

phone: 540-894-3524

email: devostudio@gmail.com

website: www.stevensummerville.net

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