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Sarah Tremaine has been a Crozet fiber artist for ten years, most recently creating garments and accessories for women under the label SFDesign. She applies the techniques of wet felting, botanical printing and hand dyeing to create unique, timeless styles of wearable art.  Her seamless garments are created by nuno-felting wool and natural fibers into silk to create versatile dresses, tunics, tops, and scarves, which can be worn multiple ways.  She also uses local plant materials to create eco-prints (botanical prints) and natural dyes on a variety of natural fibers to make tops, scarves, shawls, and art pieces.  Some items have combined nuno felting and eco-printing.  Surface design is built-in layers of abstract and discernable patterns, reflecting back on their material origins and creating endlessly unique textures, colors and patterns.  All of her work is inspired by the ever-changing beauty of nature: Inspired by Nature, Made by Hand.  The natural fibers and fabrics create garments that feel wonderful on the skin and are created for a wide range of sizes (XS-XXL and custom).

Studio number 27

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