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“I work with chance. The objects I find, the marks I make, and the happy accidents that occur in process are a direct result of chance encounters. My first love is the creative process, a journey of the mind; a process I have grown to trust. My filter consists of a strong preference for the graphic mark and elegant form with a strong orientation toward organizing and editing. I go back and forth between sculpture and the making of pots. This counter point of opposites has the effect of cleansing the creative palate and allowing for new influences and inspiration to occur.”

Randy Bill is the founder of City Clay, a working and teaching studio in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. The studio opened in the fall of 2011 and is now located in the old Silk Mills (circa 1890). Randy, with nine local and professional potters and sculptors, maintains a gallery and offers a wide range of classes and weekend workshops for adults and children in a vibrant community focused on learning and creating.

Randy’s work includes hand-built and wheel-thrown, stoneware and porcelain pottery for the contemporary home along with sculpted animals and objects inspired by her garden and forest. Randy received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has taught for 26 years.

Studio number 12


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