“I choose to fire my work in a kiln fueled by wood, and the surfaces I strive for are layered with wood ash, a natural glaze. This method requires a long time in the kiln and its process is almost my favorite part. The result is always different and often fairly subtle: a mix of warm oranges and rough, matte browns. While not the quickest way to fire, I like giving up control to the wood flame. The resulting surfaces are complex enough to get your attention, to hold it for a long time.

The beauty of functional-ware is tied to its function. The forms I make come from a rigorous eye, looking for new ideas and pleasing lines. Because the work is made to be used, my pieces may be appreciated twice, once when resting on the shelf, and once again in the hand. In a way, pots are not complete until you choose to take them with you, to live with them. Hand-made work, when you let it in, renders more beautiful the everyday actions of eating and drinking. Pottery is there, at the vital depth of our most needed solace, the family table. It is tied to the joy of eating and drinking with one another. It is essential.”

Studio number 20


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