“I love creating beautiful objects. As a wood worker for over thirty years, I have designed and built numerous pieces of furniture. Wood will always be a medium that I enjoy, but for the last several years I have been making silver jewelry. I enjoy translating the same flowing lines that I use in furniture making to the much smaller scale of wearable art.

“I was a silver smith when I met my husband in 1977. He was a woodworker, and I became enamored with this new medium. Now I am enjoying going back to my roots. The material that I work in is Argentium silver, which is a modern sterling silver alloy that was created in the 1990s. It has some different qualities than traditional sterling silver. By replacing most of the copper in sterling silver with germanium, Argentium silver is highly tarnish resistant. It also resists fire scale when heated. Another new material that I am enjoying working with is precious metal clay. In the 1970’s I did a lot of casting. Precious metal clay has replaced casting for me. I can make impressions of natural objects and textures and incorporate them in my jewelry. Because PMC is 100% fine silver when it is fired, it is much softer than sterling. For this reason I use my PMC pieces as components on the much stronger Argentium silver, along with select gemstones. 

“I feel lucky to feel so inspired once again. My goal is to keep making jewelry, exploring new textures and techniques, and to keep adding to my rapidly expanding collection of hand tools for jewelry making.”

Studio number 1

phone: 540-718-1933

email: phineasrose@icloud.com


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