“The first time I watched a pot being thrown on a potter’s wheel was a life-altering moment.  Then and there I decided I wanted to learn to do that, to work with the magical material clay.  After more than 45 years, I am still the magician releasing the rabbit from the hat every time I sit down to throw a pot.  I thrive on the potential of the plastic clay.  I throw each pot to the fullest, stretching the clay as far as possible to create a beautiful, functional form. While carving and altering a thrown form, I apply the principles of simplicity and balance in each piece. I create vessels that will serve equally well on the dining table or on the coffee table.

Most of my forms start on the wheel and are altered at various stages in the process. My glazes are layers of blues, greens, and warm earth tones, inspired by the mountains and vistas surrounding my home and the flora found on daily walks.”

Studio number 7



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