“My pots are made to be used—to enhance the rituals of preparing and eating food; to hold flowers; to light a corner for reading. After nearly five decades of working in clay, the alchemy of transforming soft clay into finished pots continues to delight and inspire me. I first learned to pot in England and can trace my design sense to the influence of my teachers there. I also draw inspiration from early American utilitarian ware. These days, I divide my time between making functional pots and teaching clay. I offer classes and workshops at City Clay in Charlottesville and at a variety of other settings. New in 2017, I’m participating in an online teaching venture through a school called TeachinArt.com.

“A veteran of multiple Artisan Studio Tours both in my old studio and as a guest artisan, in 2017 I will be welcoming guests to my brand-new pottery studio in north downtown Charlottesville. Working in a new space, while learning to fire a new kiln and new glazes, has evoked some fascinating challenges. Join me for a work-in-progress in November.”

Studio number 10  

phone: 434-263-4023

email: Nan@NanRothwellPottery.com


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