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“My pots are made to be used—to enhance the rituals of preparing and eating food; to hold flowers; to light a corner for reading. After nearly five decades of working in clay, the alchemy of transforming soft clay into finished pots continues to delight and inspire me. I first learned to pot in England and can trace my design sense to the influence of my teachers there. I also draw inspiration from early American utilitarian ware. These days, I divide my time between making functional pots and teaching clay.

I offer classes and workshops at City Clay in Charlottesville and at a variety of other settings. I also teach online through A veteran of multiple Artisan Studio Tours both in my studio and as a guest artisan, I’m delighted to be back in my own studio as a host. Compared to last year’s just-in-time move, (we got into the house ten days before the Tour) the 2018 Tour should be simple. Come see the studio and kiln, and my latest pots.”

Studio number 11  


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