“I first learned to make pots in England, studying at the Harrow School of Art and in private studios. Since returning to the US in 1972, I’ve been a studio potter in Virginia. After 38 years in my Nelson County studio, we relocated to Charlottesville. Now I have a small studio at City Clay, where I divide my time between potting and teaching clay. I offer classes and workshops at City Clay and a variety of other settings. My work is available for sale at City Clay throughout the year.

“My pots are made to be used—to enhance the rituals of preparing and eating food; to hold flowers; to light a corner for reading. After over four decades of working in clay, the alchemy of transforming soft clay into finished pots continues to delight and inspire me. For most of my potting career, I fired my pots in salt glaze. Since moving to Charlottesville, I have been working in regular stoneware. Learning to use a new kiln and glazes is proving an interesting challenge.

“During this year’s Artisan Studio Tour, I’ll be a guest in Mary Beth Bellah’s studio, which is about three miles south of Charlottesville.”

Studio number 15  

Phone: 434-263-4023

Email: Nan@NanRothwellPottery.com


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