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“Influenced and inspired by my Swedish heritage, I design jewelry with a clean, bold, contemporary aesthetic, and embrace a certain sparseness in design. In Sweden, I studied traditional jewelry making techniques (obtaining a Goldsmith Master’s Degree), which support me in all aspects of my work.

“My own created “one-of-a-kind” jewelry designs inspire the commission work I do daily for clients. Redesigning and reusing clients’ heirloom pieces gives amazing results with a huge sentimental touch.

“I have been creating fine jewelry since 1991, but the kid-designed jewelry came into being ten years ago. Wanting to make something special for my daughter’s preschool teacher, I took her drawing and converted it into jewelry. This is now a large part of what I do. Clients email me their artwork from all over the world and I transform it into any type of jewelry or accessory!”

Studio number 15




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