“Influenced and inspired by my Swedish heritage, I design jewelry with a clean, bold, contemporary aesthetic, and embrace a certain sparseness in design. In Sweden I studied traditional jewelry-making techniques (obtaining a Goldsmith Master’s Degree) which supports me in another aspect of my work: redesigning clients’ heirloom jewelry into something they will love to wear. 

“A large part of what I do is to create jewelry from children’s art. Clients e-mail me their child’s artwork and I transform it into anything they want, be it a pendant, charm bracelet, or earrings.

“I have been creating fine jewelry since 1991, but the kid-designed jewelry came into being only five years ago. Wanting to make something special for my daughter’s preschool teacher, I took her drawing and converted it into jewelry, and the rest is history! 

A lot of customers run into my work online, and are obviously excited by my idea of taking kids’ art and transforming it into jewelry. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon something no one else seems to be doing, and to be able to bring so many people joy with the jewelry that results from this process.” 

Studio number 14

phone: 434-981-8389

email: formia@live.com


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