Jan Elmore of Red Horse Studio in Keswick creates mixed-media sculpture, paintings, painted paper collages, and wood-framed mirrors.  Many of the wood and metal pieces she uses are scraps gathered from local cabinetmakers, luthiers, and recycling enterprises.  The existing shapes of those discarded items often suggest ideas for new designs, adding to the internal inspirations that result from many hours of drawing, and studying her materials.  Jan’s dual goals are to feature the natural characteristics of the woods and metals in visually pleasing combinations that express her design concepts, and to generate as little waste as possible. To that end, remnant pieces of wood are shaped and sanded and scraps of copper and aluminum are filed and hammered, all to be used as elements that add texture and dimension to the work.  Other materials that may be integrated in the designs include a variety of papers, leather, fibers, and stucco. 

Aspects of nature, from flowers and leaves, to forests, deserts, insects, and animals, are depicted in one collection of mirror frames.  Another features contemporary, abstract compositions of domestic hardwoods with exotic, figured, and painted wood accents. A departure from mirrors, the sculpture group ranges from freestanding carvings and assemblages to wall-mounted compositions of wood and painted canvases with embellishments. These pieces are often inspired by tribal cultures and universal motifs.  The collages integrate hand-painted papers with a variety of materials.

By using a variety of media and employing multiple design formats, the artist diverts materials destined for the landfill or burn barrel, repurposing them through work that gives new life to the integral elements, and the opportunity to convey her visual interpretations and expressions.

Studio number 9


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