Located in the old general store beside the railway at Burnley, Virginia, Jaeger & Ernst is a select group of custom craftsmen who've spent the past thirty years designing and custom-building fine furniture and residential cabinetry. We work on projects of all sizes, directly with homeowners, and in collaboration with architects, general contractors, and interior designers.

Jaeger & Ernst build fine cabinetry and furniture to furnish particular spaces, but we also envision whole rooms as one integrated piece of fine woodwork. When tables and chairs, mantels and window seats, cabinets and trim are conceived and crafted as one complete interior space, the results are unimaginable… unless, of course, you have your set of our concept illustrations and detailed working drawings spread out in front of you.

From kitchens and libraries to tables and chairs, whether you envision a single piece or an entire space, our custom-designed cabinetry and furniture create rooms that openly express who you and your family are. The care and creative effort we invest speak eloquently to the qualities our clients value in spaces that embrace those they hold dear.

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