Fred Hean has been working in wood for 40 years, starting out doing small carvings and building homes. At one point an architecture student, he prefers the actual making of things over just designing them. Refining skills along the way, he took up furniture and cabinetmaking in the mid-1970’s, and first set up a shop open to the public in 1980. Drawing influence from diverse sources and masters of the craft, his own work is somewhat a cross-pollination from different branches of the craft, but it resides primarily somewhere out on a limb of the contemporary trunk of the woodworking tree. He works mostly in domestic hardwoods, some of which can be found stacked for drying outside his shop. Most of his work these days is custom work ordered by the client, sometimes to an architect or designer’s specifications, sometimes through the interactive design process directly with the client. Both are welcomed, as is the public, by appointment only, to visit his shop at his home in Albemarle County.

Studio number 8

phone: 434-973-5960


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