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“I have been working in wood for more than 40 years, initially in carpentry to pay for college, and carving for fun.  As an architecture student I realized that I prefer the full process of making things, from conception to completion, not just the designing of them.  Inspired in the 1970s by exposure to master woodworkers, and refining my skills along the way, I took up furniture and cabinetmaking and set up a shop open to the public in 1980.  Drawing influence from diverse sources and masters, my own style is a cross-pollination, but blossoms best somewhere on a modest limb of the contemporary trunk of the woodworking tree. I work largely in domestic hardwoods, some of which are usually stacked for drying outside my shop.  Most of my work these days is custom work ordered by the client, sometimes through specs from an architect or designer, sometimes through the design process with the client.  Both are welcomed.  As is the public, by appointment only, to my shop in Albemarle County.”  

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