Since 2011, we have been designing and crafting high-caliber home goods by hand out of metal and wood.

Our team of ten crafts every piece in our studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our cookware is forged by hand with hammer and anvil. We strive to craft pieces that are highly functioning, aesthetically modern, and rooted in the traditions of yore. We make products that are highly received by many of the most celebrated chefs in the culinary world. Our diverse backgrounds inform our design, aesthetic, and process. Corry Blanc sought to bring his southern culinary roots, passion for art, and knowledge of metal working together into one unique form. The result is a line of unique home goods that stand out in the modern mix of consumer goods and are made to last through generations.

Studio number 18


7356 Walnut Street,
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

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