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“This year I celebrated 20 years of making and selling pottery! With that landmark, I have made changes: new clay, new glazes and firing in a new kiln. I’ve switched clay twice and am starting with a third high fire stoneware (cone 10). It is a new day indeed.

You may ask if anything is the same? Yes, my forms and designs are largely unchanged, I’m still making functional stoneware, but due to the change in kiln atmosphere allowed by firing with gas and higher heat, the look is very different.

I’m growing and learning and appreciating the discoveries that bring me back to my wheel and that stretch me creatively. I’m still carving the surfaces with dancing people and trees, and have added houses as a reminder that each of us needs a home. For fun, I am applying thick slip to my pots to create a softer surface. My goal is to simplify the process in general, to focus on the parts that I enjoy and to motivate me in this unwieldy business of art-making. I’m grateful for my customers who encourage me. Apart from the mysteries of clay, glass-forming and fire, it is all about you!”

Studio number 7

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