Anne R. Hanson finds inspiration for design in natural forms, in patterns found and created, and from the inherent properties of the metal itself.  She tends to create organic, flowing shapes and textures that are often juxtaposed with contemporary lines and forms.  Lightweight and highly polished, her work moves, reflects light, rests easily on the wearer, and, occasionally, makes a barely audible sound.

Every piece is a tiny sculpture fashioned using traditional smithing techniques; designed to be viewed from multiple angles and dynamically inhabit space in three dimensions. Anne looks at different metals as a palette, and often mixes them to add visual texture.

Taking inspiration from nature has also made her take a closer look at her own processes. She now uses Argentium, a new tarnish-resistant sterling silver alloy that minimizes hazardous processes and is certified to be produced from recycled silver.

Studio number 5



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