“My work is about Nature and man’s relationship and obligation to it. By using detailed realistic images of birds and animals I create pieces that honor specific creatures as well as the natural world as a whole. Pieces often open to reveal inscriptions that offer a deeper layer of meaning and enjoyment. The inside of these pieces, as well as the reverse, is a secret between artist and wearer that the latter can choose to share or keep private. I hope that my work inspires a respect and appreciation of the natural world as a sacred Creation.

“My techniques of using acrylic paint or graphite pencil on surfaces such as deer antler is unique. None of the materials I use endanger living animals in any way. I use man-made materials, bone, and antler. Unusual and beautifully cut semi-precious stones are used for their particular design relationship to the subject of each pin or pendant. All work is one-of-a-kind and hand-finished.

Studio number 11

phone: 540-357-0657

email: awieboldt@gmail.com


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