“I have been working with clay for many years but never from the perspective of selling my work. I have always made pots because I like the process. I look forward to gaining experience on this end of being a craftsperson and I am very thankful to the artisan studio tour community for providing me this opportunity.

“Clay is a very interesting medium to me because it allows for artistic expression while still yielding a product that is useful and even necessary in every day life. That meeting of aesthetics and function has always interested me. Especially with clay because the base material is so raw. There are many types of firing that interest me but recently I have chosen to fire most of my pots in wood fire kilns because I think the product is both interesting and functional, and because I like the community aspect of this type of firing.  the surface of a wood fired pot is exciting because I get to set its course by creating its shape, texture, and glaze, and then let the wood ash and flame guide the pots to maturity. The community aspect is good for me, as I am still looking for and refining my personal style.”

Studio number 20

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