Adam Childress seeks to harmonize aspects of design, craft, and function into the objects he creates using glass.  He often implements a diverse range of process and technique to explore new designs.   His work is rooted in an effort to resolve old problems with new solutions, and to appeal to a modern consumer who desires functional objects that seamlessly integrate into the spaces they occupy.

Adam has been honing his skills as a glass maker since 2004.  In 2007 he attended the fine arts program at Virginia Commonwealth University while studying history. In the subsequent years he continued working in various studio environments with a range of artists, artisans, craftspeople, and designers, which led to commissions and installations and producing work for the retail market.

He relies on two distinct hot glass disciplines to create his work. The furnace glass process and lampworking process vary in approach and material use; however, both are linked to a long-standing tradition of using hand tools to manipulate hot glass in a studio environment.  Adam seeks to maintain the connection to traditional methods in order to produce hand-made items that encourage thoughtfulness in our daily rituals.

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